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Tea Kadai

Authencity is the way to go sip tea the old fashioned way in our traditional tatch house custom made for you by our tea kadai nair. Get ready to say, "Anna, innoru tea".

The Pond

Chennai stays warm for most part of the year, Take a stroll by the pool and enjoy a nice chilled glass of buttermilk or tender coconut to cool off on a hot steamy day!

Old Fashioned Kitchens

Cook with the authentic of spices, eat from banana leaves, walk along the paddy field, bathe in the pump-u Sett-u if you will!


Go back in time- from right where you stand. Board your bullock cart for an incomparable once-in-a-lifetime experience or get on a horse ride and allow nostalgia to take you away.


Request our traditional dance shows and allow yourself to be immersed in the culture of Tamilnadu. Choose from thappattam, mayil attam, karakattam, poikal kudirai and puli attam or all!


Sarojini Gardens offers extraordinarily beautiful venue with full facilities set among historical South Indian homes. Perfect to make your events unusual and memorable.